Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sorry for the delay in no postings last week !! The camera battery has been MIA so thank goodness for Amazon and it's $5 replacement !! Hope you all enjoy !!

Happy Birthday Tablecloth to sign

I recently attended a birthday party for a sweet little boy Ellius.  His Mother Emiko had hand stitched him a tablecloth for everyone to sign for his birthday's for years to come.  Here is my version of it.....

First off I purchased a $5 flat twin sheet from Walmart. I then cut the side that had the longer edge just to match the other end of the sheet.
 I then chose my fabric and ironed on this fabric interfacing from or amazon carries it as well.
After I iron it on I then peel the backing off and place it on my silhouette to cut out the letters

 This is just a quick pic of the screen
 I then just cut out by hand all the flags to go on the birthday banner and also used the interfacing on this so that I could quickly iron it on to the sheet/tablecloth for easy stitching.
 After I ironed them on I then took Rick Rack and just pinned it along the fabric banners to look like the rope they were hanging from and I carried it down the sides to the seem of each end...See Below.
You can use whatever you like for the side decoration.  I used these red balls on one and I used plain brown Rick Rack Ribbon on the other.

Here is the one I finished for my 3 yr old.  I haven't added his name yet but will in the future.

This is the completed one for my sweet almost One year old who will have this for all birthdays to come !! (Sorry Chamber aka 3yr old) Mommie was a little late :) but thankfully we have about the same people that attend each year so we may sneak some extra signatures with past years....shhhh

Here is the side on the 2nd one.  ENJOY this was easy to make from start to finish about one hour...including where I stitched around each flag and sewed on the Rick Rack..and what a great gift for a first birthday party to someone !!
I am linking up to the parties below !!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Initial Towel

First off I chose 2 coordinating fabrics from Hobby Lobby

 Then I cut 2 squares out that would fit on the silhouette mat and used the silhouette sewable interfacing that irons on. You use the iron on the hottest setting and make sure you get all corners and sides fused well.
 You then will see that once you pull off the backing of the interfacing it leaves a clear film on the fabric
 I then put this on my mat ready to go into the silhouette.  I use the cricut mats you can purchase from the store and cut down to fit the silhouette since it only accepts 9inches in width.  (these are only $11.99 for 2 verses silhouettes $24.99 for 2
 I then have 3 the letters cut out from the machine
 Now they are ready to be ironed onto the towel, or blanket or anything of your choice !!!
Here is a blanket I did for a friend to give her niece.  I acutally ended up once they are ironed on sewing the letters on with a decorative stich for more security to item.

ENJOY !!!!

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