Sunday, March 4, 2012

Initial Towel

First off I chose 2 coordinating fabrics from Hobby Lobby

 Then I cut 2 squares out that would fit on the silhouette mat and used the silhouette sewable interfacing that irons on. You use the iron on the hottest setting and make sure you get all corners and sides fused well.
 You then will see that once you pull off the backing of the interfacing it leaves a clear film on the fabric
 I then put this on my mat ready to go into the silhouette.  I use the cricut mats you can purchase from the store and cut down to fit the silhouette since it only accepts 9inches in width.  (these are only $11.99 for 2 verses silhouettes $24.99 for 2
 I then have 3 the letters cut out from the machine
 Now they are ready to be ironed onto the towel, or blanket or anything of your choice !!!
Here is a blanket I did for a friend to give her niece.  I acutally ended up once they are ironed on sewing the letters on with a decorative stich for more security to item.

ENJOY !!!!

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