Monday, February 27, 2012

Valentines Puppy

 I saw this in a book and just thought I would share my creation !!!
I first used a cookie cutter to cut out the pound cake hearts then stuck a fork in them

Then I mixed vanilla and chocolate icing and dipped the hearts in them.  I used caramel and softened it in the microwave and used a spoon to flatten it.  Then I cut out the ear shape with a butter knife.  I used white icing and chocolate chips for the eyes...Red hots for the nose and Candy hearts for the tongue.  I used the oreo cookies with one vanilla and one chocolate side and crushed those for the puppy spots.

These were such a hit at my 3 year olds Valentine Party for school !!! ENJOY !

Friday, February 10, 2012

Houndstooth old Oak kitchen table affair

I had a friend throwing away this old oak kitchen table and chair set...I of course entertain alot and thought I could do something with it.  I sanded down the table and used Red Rustoleum paint and rolled it on the table and chairs. I did have to use a brush in some areas.  It took about 4 coats and hours and hours of drying time.  I then cut out the houndstooth stencil on my silhouette machine and used contact paper that you use to line your cabinets since it is only about $7.99 for 12ft vs silhouette vinyl or craft vinyl which runs $9.99 for just 2 24 inch sheets.

My husband had to help me layout the pattern because it did literally make me cross my eyes..
I then rolled over the stencils with the aqua blue paint which was a valspar paint since it can be tinted.  After 2 coats and dry time...I then used the clear coat from Hobby Lobby that runs about $39.99 unless you use a off coupon.  I then mixed equal parts and poured it over the tops of the chairs and table top.  It says to allow 24 hours dry time which I allowed about 48 hours and that still wasn't enough time because the chairs did crease and have leaves stick to them once I placed it outside.  Other than that it has held up great with rain and snow...Good Luck and Enjoy !

Goodwill Lamp FInd

 Lucky Day at the Goodwill I found this lamp for $5.99 and this oak picture frame for $3.99
 I then primed them both and spray painted them black
 Added a piece of fabric that I had left over from some curtains I made
Then I took the electrical cord out of the lamp and acutally ended up removing the top lightbulb holding piece..then with gorilla glue..I added and made a table !!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mommie's boys

Recent photos done by Tena Wood PhotographyTena Wood Photography...This is my Niece's Grandmother her Mom took the pics and as a Mother & Daughter team,,they turned a fun day at the factory and the Vineyards into fabulous memories !!!